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Jeremy Becker, DCE Director of Youth & Family Ministry
Laurie Hartner PreSchool Director 
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Kids Choir Director Irene Villanueva   Cell Phone: 754.204.7039  email: KidsChoir.net@yahoo.com

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NO Auditions are required to join the KidsChoir, just come to rehearsals!!! 
Click on THE SCHEDULE page for more dates & details.

Auditions are for Kids who want an individual Singing Solo or Drama / Speaking part

 for the Christmas & Easter Musicals. 

Auditions are NOT required to participate in the Kids Choir because....
Everyone is Welcome to Join The Kids Choir and Serve the Lord !!!!

2018 Rehearsals Have Begun! 

AUDITIONS ARE ON SUNDAY  OCT 14th 12:30 to ????

Please read the Audition Requirements below.

*Attending all Sunday Rehearsals, especially before the auditions is a must.

How can you audition for a part when you don't know what it's about??? 
Everyone will learn the songs & the choreography first. This allows you to become 
more familiar with the musical and the parts and what is expected from you. 
Attending Rehearsals prior to the auditions is really a must. 

*Singing Auditions: Sing us your favorite song! Bring a CD for music accompaniment. 

*Drama Auditions: Please recite a short poem, story, bible verse or words from a play or a song! You will be asked to read a line from the part you are auditioning for.   

*Memorize it please! 

Make sure you have what your going to sing or say memorized.

Please know that this is a totally stress free audition!

We want to meet you and hear your God given talents on an individual basis. 

Please contact Irene Villanueva only if you reallyreallyreallyreallyreally reallyreallyreally-

absolutely-positively-100%-for sure cannot audition on this day .   

You Must be able to Commit to the following: 

With the help of God, you must make a commitment to our church, to yourself & your peers.

You are required to learn & memorize your part, attend rehearsals, attend the dress rehearsal and be able to perform for the early & late worship services. 

Please review THE SCHEDULE page on this website with your parents to ensure

that you can fulfill the required commitments. It's your responsibility to follow instructions,

check the web-site weekly, read & respond to the e-mails.  You are responsible for you.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do not say to me, “oh - I didn’t know about that…”   

this reply is not acceptable and it really really really really makes me CRAZY!!! 


If you don’t want to sing or act, but you would like to be a part of this production,

we have many Behind the Scenes Jobs that are very important to the success of all the plays we do. The list is long so come to a rehearsal or send me an email.

Shall be discussed during rehearsals. Due to the amount of memorization & maturity needed to be successful, 
Drama parts are usually reserved for kids who are in 4th grade and up.

There are always solo's available in just about every song.

You can audition with a Christmas Musical song or use your own song,

whatever makes you comfortable!
The CD of the Christmas Musical can be purchased during Rehearsal.

  • A Night To Remember-Are You Ready for Some Good News Reprise2:43